EREC Group is a group enterprise led by Mr. Rui Pan, mainly focusing on overseas property investment, with a series of subsidiary companies practicing investment consulting, investment management, asset management, etc. In order to fully protect the legal rights of our investors and abide by national regulations, EREC Group manages the overseas investment business through private equity funds. Each step, including fundraising, capital outflow, project investment and yield realisation are all compliant. We have opened an overseas investment channel and achieved a reasonable ROI for our investors.

Our company set foot on the UK student accommodation market and created the brand of UNINN® on April 2016, which has become a landmark of Chinese professional investment in this industry. It has acquired 5 projects in total – The Foundry Newcastle, Merlin Point Coventry, Abbey House Coventry, Julian Court Coventry and Austin Leicester, all of whom have been restored, updated and put into operation. Meanwhile we are developing 2 brand new projects –Bailey Street Sheffield and Parkside Coventry, which will be delivered and launched in 2019 and 2020 respectively. By November 15th 2018, UNINN®’s 5 projects had been fully let for the academic year of 2018/2019. UNINN is currently managing around 578 million RMB in assets and has placed 604 beds on the market. When the Parkside and Bailey Street projects are completed and delivered, assets managed by UNINN Investment Fund will reach £1.303 billion, while the number of beds will be 1326.

At the same time, our business at home is also going strong. EREC Private Equity Fund Company has already been filed with Asset Management Association of China and has become an official fund manager. We have launched a PPP fund in June this year, and have already signed an agreement with CRCC, CYTS (Property) and Yangzhou Municipal Government on the program of Yangzhou Jade Feature Town. With more and more PPP feature town projects, EREC fund will have a greater scale effect and brand impact in the field of PPP. With Chinese relaxation of capital control, EREC fund will provide more professional overseas investment services to our domestic investors.


Rui Pan, Chairman

Mr. Rui Pan is the founder and chairman of European Real Estate Company Ltd. He graduated from Warwick University with a master in Real Estates and is now a PHD student. He is also having advanced studies in China-UK Real Estate in Henley Business School – a top business school in the UK.

Chengrun He, Vice Chairman

Mr. Chengrun is one of the founders of EREC(China) and European Real Estate Company Ltd. He graduated from Royal Holloway University with a master in project management and has many years of experience in investment. He has also participated in the development of several residential projects.

Weipeng Gu, Vice Chairman

Mr. Weipeng Gu is one of the founders of EREC(China) and European Real Estate Company Ltd. He graduated from The University of Warwick with a master in project management and has many years of experience in project management. He was the project director of Aoge Group(Shanghai) and BT in the UK.

Haoran Liu, Managing Director

Mr. Haoran Liu is the director of EREC(China) and chairman of Kwork Co-working space. He has many years of experience in investment and real estate management. He once held the management position in Beijing Jingefengya Media Co. Ltd and has participated in the organising and operation of several cultural investment projects.